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Social media is a fantastic way for you to interact with your customer base or target market. 
M19 MEDIA can help you develop a social media strategy that fits your goals and taps into this wellspring of honest, real time feedback.


Facebook Marketing

The king of social media has methods to put your brand in front of people that are most likely to respond to
your message.

M19 MEDIA can create/augment your fan page, develop ads to drive traffic to your online presence and educate you on managing the conversation between your brand and the public.

M19 MEDIA has developed considerable expertise in this exciting channel. We have realized high click-through rates and low costs per clicks for our clients using microtargeting and the right creative to motivate these discrete audiences.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a real-time marketing conversation with your followers. It can be a valuable tool to publicize events and to get a sense of what your customer base is thinking at the moment. Smart businesses use Twitter as a tool to deepen relationships with current customers.

LinkedIn Marketing

LIke Facebook, LinkedIn brings together communities of like-minded individuals, but while Facebook focuses on the users' private lives, LinkedIn has professional relevance. Find subject matter experts for your next project, or market to the decision makers at companies that can use your goods and/or services.

M19 MEDIA can assist you by identifying your target audience and developing your ad campaign that gets you top of mind in your niche.




A great way to demonstrate your business' expertise is to create a blog. This vehicle can attract interest from all corners of the globe. M19 MEDIA can assist you with getting your blog started and keeping it current.

Location Marketing (Geotargeting)

Your brand can take advantage of the smart phone revolution by using location/social marketing channels. These so-called "lo-so" sites like Yelp!, Facebook
Check-In and Loopt allow you to reach your target market when they are in or near your establishment. Once they check in, you can deliver messaging or create incentives to keep them coming back or to bring others. Contact us and let us show you how.
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