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Communication is key to managing your customer relationships.  Your marketing should cover how and when you talk to your customers as well as what you say. There are many ways of communicating with your customers and M19 can help you
choose the ones that can help maximize your
return on investment.


Market Research

An effective marketing or advertising plan is built on your strengths and weaknesses in the current marketplace. 
M19 MEDIA can do the research for you so that you know the lay of the land.

Demographic Identification

Your message will resonate with the right audience. Allow M19 MEDIA to help you determine your proper target demographic.

M19 MEDIA can also help build a typical customer profile and persona so you know their habits and how to best reach them.

Social Media Microtargeting

M19 MEDIA can help you zero in on the audience most receptive to your message with microtargeting using social media platforms. We can help you identify the behaviors, lifestyles and belief systems that make up your target market and help you deliver your creative right to their screens, in boxes or front doors.



Channel Strategies

Some audiences prefer one media channel over another. Once you define your audience, selecting the proper media channels is your next critical decision.

M19 MEDIA helps you select the most effective media channels for your message and then negotiate the best rates possible for your ads.

Customer Relationship Management Strategies

Each one of your customers has a life span, and it's not the one that you think. Each time you acquire a new customer, there is a clock ticking on the amount of time that they will remain yours. M19 MEDIA can help you devise strategies and procedures to keep your customers yours longer.
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